How Tandoor improves your recipe management

Tandoor is packed with features and already used by a diverse community of cooking enthusiasts with huge collections.
Open Source

Tandoor is build around the values of Open Source software and using modern technologies. No tracking, no analytics, just your recipes.

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Powerful Search

Tired of searching endlessly for that one recipe ? Tandoor helps you to find things faster using a powerfull fuzzy search engine. You can also search for keywords, ingredients and more.

Import & Export

Already have a digital recipe collection ? Import your data from many other managers! Dont want to be locked in ? Export all your data at any time!

Website Import

Import your favorite recipes from thousands of websites online. Our Importer works with all of your favorite recipe sharing platforms.

Shopping Lists

Easily create shopping lists from your recipes and have them automatically sort according to your supermarket layout.


Plan meals for yourself and your family. Creating Shopping Lists for days or weeks at a time and share your plan with your friends and family.

We love cooking and Open Source

We love cooking and Open Source

Tandoor was created by cooking enthusiasts to digize and share their cookbooks and recipes.

The evolution of traditional cookbooks:
No tracking or analytics.
Just your recipes.
GDPR Compliant - Made in Germany

Share the joy of cooking

Recipe creation and cooking should be a co-operative process

Using Tandoor, sharing a recipe with family and friends is easy: Just add them to your space and they may cook, improve or expand your collection.

Share the joy of cooking
Quickly find the recipe you're really looking for

Quickly find the recipe you're really looking for

Stop digging through notes, books or ad infested websites

Collect all your cherished meals in Tandoor using the website importer. Stop storing unsearchable links to your favorite recipes.

Make shopping for meals a breeze, no matter for how many guests

Tandoor comes with the functionality to create shopping lists for your recipes.

Just add a meal to your shopping list and cross points off as you go or export your list to a standard format.

Make shopping for meals a breeze, no matter for how many guests

Nothing beats a demo

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Create as many recipes as you want with any paid plan.


Questions about using Tandoor
The hosted version of Tandoor is currently in a Beta state. You can try it out, use all features and create as many recipes as you want.

No credit-card required, no strings attached.

We will introduce paid plans. All paid plans will include unlimited recipes, all features and will only differenciate in file storage space and members. They will be priced at about 5€ a month.
Don't worry, we will keep your recipes around after paid plans are introduced. You will still be able to view and cook them. You just won't be able to edit them or create new ones.

You will always be able to export all your recipes!

We're trying to support as many Applications as possible, you can view the currently supported Importer here: Docs

If your platform is missing, just open an Issue at Github or send us an email and we will look into supporting it!

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